2022 – 2023: What’s Out and What’s In

As we look toward the new year with high hopes and a modicum of trepidation, it is perhaps altogether fitting and proper to look back on this past year and the emerging trends compelling us toward 2023. So we ask: What’s out and what’s in?

Brace yourselves!


Out: 31/M

In:  Showfields


Out: Blues Alley is leaving for good!

In: Blues Alley is here to stay!






Out: Shop Made in DC on one side of M Street

In: Shop Made in DC on other side of M St.


Out: Zoom get togethers at home

In: Going out for the Georgetown Garden Tour!




The 2022 Georgetown Garden Tour highlighted fountains, pathways and pools. Photo by Jane North.



Out: Planting sunflowers in one’s garden

In: Planting sunflowers across from Russian Embassy





Out: Water in the C&O Canal for new canal boat

In: Drydock for new canal boat





Out: Zoom debates over streateries in Georgetown

In: Enjoying streatery dining with friends in Georgetown, but late because no parking!


Out: Farehoppers bedevil DC Metrobus

In: DC Metrobus free!


Out: Georgetown-Rosslyn Gondola: Cool futuristic concept

In: Who said anything about a gondola?



How the Georgetown-Rosslyn Gondola might look. Courtesy Georgetown BID.



Out: The Washington Football Club

In: The Washington Commanders


Out: Trump Hotel

In: Waldorf Astoria


Out: Debates over BLM messages on street

In: Debates over pickleball lines on tennis courts


Out: First SCOTUS nominee to announce “I like beer” at Senate confirmation hearings

In: First public defender on SCOTUS


Out: Pandemic eviction moratoria

In: Rising rents and evictions in the District


Out: Monkeypox



Out: Trump has new ballcap

In: Trump has a new line of NFT trading cards





Out: Look at the progress women have made!

In: Look how women lost rights they used to have!


Out: Children’s learning loss at home

In: Children’s learning loss at school


Out: How did Elon Musk become the world’s richest man?

In: How did Elon Musk become such a fumbler-bumbler?



Elon Musk. Twitter photo.



Out: Insta

In: BeReal


Out: Presidential tax returns: Ho hum!

In: Presidential tax returns: You gotta see this!


Out: Tom Brady: The GOAT

In: Tom Brady: Shill for FTX















Out: NASA launches satellite probes to explore outer space

In: NASA launches satellite probes to bonk into comet


Out: Squid Game

In: White Lotus


White Lotus poster. Courtesy IMDb.



Out: Star Wars prequels and sequels you can keep track of

In: Out-of-control Star Wars “franchise”


Out: Crypto Kings

In: Crypto Winter


Out: Peace calls from liberals derided by conservatives

In: Calls for “Beat Russia in Ukraine!” from liberals derided by conservatives


Out: Crocs, Y2K Revival

In: Balletcore, Barbiecore, Big Pants and over-sized suits




Are you up on your Balletcore? Photo by Rodolfo Quiros.



Out: Jim Jordan’s jacketless look on the House floor

In: Volodymyr Zelensky’s bunker fatigues on the House floor


Out: “Scaramuccis” as a measure of quick-time

In: “Liz Trusses” as a measure of quick-time


Out: Saying “I am not a crook” at the end of corrupt political career

In: Saying “I am not a crook” before being sworn into Congress


Out: Morality Police in Iran

In: Girl-power in Iran


Out: Why isn’t the Fed responding to inflation?

In: Why is the Fed raising interest rates so much?


Out: World Cup soccer is low-scoring

In: World Cup soccer is sometimes high-scoring



Photo by Fabrizio Velez.



Out: Russia strongarms U.S. over release of accused spy

In: Russia strongarms U.S. over release of WNBA star


Out: Meteorologist: “Get out that winter coat; it’s time for fun snow!”

In: Meteorogist: “A bomb cyclone is hitting America. Prepare to die”


Out: The Winter Olympics are in Beijing!

In: Were the Winter Olympics this year?


Out: Cold Fusion: Name of some kind of cocktail

In:  Cold Fusion: Demonstrated at Lawrence Livermore Labs


Out: Long live the Queen!

In: Long live the King!


Out: Starbucks offers new venti coffees

In: Starbucks union organizers call for venti concessions


Out: Old men struggling to keep up in today’s economy

In: Old men, frontrunners for the presidency


Out: Metaverse

In: ChatGPT


Out: Dr. Oz cares about your health and the price of crudites

In: Dr. Oz makes fun of stroke victim he’s debating


Oz vs. Fetterman. MSNBC TV graphic.



Out: Dull Hearings in Congress

In: Populary January 6 Committee series


Out: Migrant crisis at the southern border

In: Migrant crisis at the Vice President’s residence


Out: Here are all my vaccinations on this card!

In: Can’t remember how many shots and boosters I’ve had.


Out: Beyond Meat

In: That’s way too “beyond” for me!


Out: Harry & Meghan as “working members of royal family”

In: Harry & Meghan as “working members of Netflix”




Courtesy photo.















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