Cocktail of the Month: Hanson the Heartbreaker

August 13, 2020

As the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing down in the U.S., closures, lockdowns and self-quarantines continue. The travel industry has been ravaged and “tripophobia” — fear of not having any trips planned — is rampant at the peak of …

Cook on a Whim: Grapefruit-Basil Gin & Tonic

May 28, 2020

How about a grapefruit-basil gin & tonic to celebrate these warmer days?

I created this cocktail using Malfy brand Gin Rosa, an infusion of Sicilian pink grapefruit, Italian juniper, Italian rhubarb and five other botanicals. Feel free to use your …

Cocktail of the Month: The Basil Beauty

May 7, 2020

Often referred to as “the teardrop of India,” I found nothing sad about Sri Lanka. Perched just above the equator, the island is fringed with idyllic beaches splashed by the balmy Indian Ocean. A mountainous center, tea plantations and jungle …

End-of-Summer Drink Pick:

September 13, 2017

DIY Earth Girls Are Easy

1.75 ounces St. George Terroir Gin

.75 ounces fresh lime juice

.5 ounces tarragon turbinado syrup

.5 ounces sauvignon blanc

lime twist

Tarragon turbinado syrup recipe: Blanch four sprigs of fresh tarragon in boiling water