Cook on a Whim: Pear and Prosciutto Bundles

To make these elegant bites, you need pears, thinly sliced prosciutto, cheese of your choice (brie or blue would be my top choices) and some honey that we will infuse with thyme and black pepper.

Cook on a Whim: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Be warned: If you leave these sitting on the counter, they might not make it to dinner. Maybe we should call this one an appetizer and not a side dish? 

Cook on a Whim: Chocolate Ganache-Filled Jack-o’-Lantern Cookies

This cookie dough is soft and buttery and uses only brown sugar, so you can imagine how delicious. Well, then we add cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and vanilla.

Cook on a Whim: Spiced Rye Waffles with Roasted Apple Topping

Full of the coziest fall spices, these waffles are the perfect weekend breakfast for these crisp, cool mornings.

Cook on a Whim: Moldovan Borscht (Chicken and Vegetable Soup)

Regardless of its origins and history, this soup is delicious, healthy and comforting — hearty enough for a cold winter night, but light enough for warmer months, too. It’ll cure what ails ya.

Cook on a Whim: Classic Crème Brûlée

This is sneaky, sexy French simplicity at its finest — four simple ingredients composed in a way that mystifies people while simultaneously knocking their socks off.

Michelin Giveth, Taketh Away Stars

Four D.C.-area restaurants joined the Michelin club: Gravitas, Maydan, Little Pearl and Sushi Nakazawa.

Cook on a Whim: Equestrian Season Cheese Board

Whether you’re practicing, competing or spectating, no doubt there will be lots of good food to add to the experience. The perfect fit for the sport's sophistication? A seasonal cheese board.

Cook on a Whim: Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Muffins

Sugar, spice and everything nice. These muffins are soft, moist and stuffed with tangy cream cheese.

Cook on a Whim: Roasted Carrots and Parsnips With Tahini Dressing

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly veggie side, these roasted carrots and parsnips are just the thing. This dish is easy on the budget, healthy and a cinch to prepare.